SUPER GLOBAL is a joint project supported by Global Step Academy and WISDOM Academy which includes a preschool and after school program focused on providing high quality global education for both preschoolers in the morning and older students in the afternoon.

Facility Outline

Main Facilities

✔︎ 2 Classrooms
✔︎ Multi-purpose Room

Classes / Capacity

✔︎ PRE: 12 (2 teachers)
✔︎ K3: 12 (2 teachers)
* K4 class will open in April 2020.
* K5 class will open in Fukasawa in April 2020.

Optional Services

✔︎ Lunch
✔︎ Extension (7:30 - 19:30)

Curriculum and main subjects information.

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Main program information and prices.

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Reasons to choose our program and student benefits.

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Visit the SUPER GLOBAL PROJECT official website to find out more about the preschool and after school programs offered.

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